Hospitality and Tourism Management Certificate


Certificate (Eligible for federal aid as a stand-alone certificate or if combined with AS degree).


The hospitality and tourism management certificate program is designed to prepare students for employment in hotels, restaurants, travel agencies, and other related businesses, and to help them progress from entry level positions to supervisory roles. In this program, students will learn how to be an effective team member; build relationships in hospitality; and develop skills in accommodations operations, food and beverage operations, and financial management.

Career Opportunities

The following positions provide a few examples of the types of positions students may seek in the accommodations and food service industries.

Front Desk & Room Manager
Director of Operations
Food & Beverages Manager (supervise restaurants/bars/snack bars/room service)
Director of Maintenance
Director of Sales & Marketing
Booking Supervisor
Shift Supervisor
Entertainment Staff Manager

Food Service
Shift Manager
Catering Manager
Kitchen Manager
Executive Chef
Director of Sales & Marketing
General Manager

Learning Outcomes

Upon completion of the certificate, successful graduates will be able to:
  • Apply the concepts and skills necessary to achieve guest satisfaction
  • Demonstrate the ability to effectively work in a team environment when completing hospitality-related activities
  • Conduct themselves in a professional and ethical manner, and practice industry-defined work ethics
  • Demonstrate knowledge of best practices in food, beverage, accommodations and finance functions within the hospitality industry
  • Apply basic and supervisory level job functions in hospitality and tourism careers

Course Requirements

Students are responsible to examine the course description of each course listed below for details of prerequisites, which must be satisfied before registering for the course.
Course NumberTitleCredits
BUS 113Introduction to Hospitality and Tourism

3 credits

BUS 133Teams & Relationships in Hospitality

3 credits

BUS 153Accommodations & Lodging Operations

3 credits

BUS 233Food & Beverage Industry

3 credits

BUS 243Hospitality & Tourism Financial Management

3 credits

CAR 201Career Success

1 credit

Total Credit Hours:16

Graduation Requirements

• Minimum of 16 total semester credit hours as outlined
• Grade of C- or higher in all program-specific courses
• Certificate grade point average of 2.0 or higher

Recommended Sequence of Courses

Individual student circumstances, such as the need for a smaller course load or the number of preparatory English or Math courses a student must take, may require additional semesters to complete the program. Please see your academic advisor for assistance.

First Semester

BUS 113, Introduction to Hospitality and Tourism, 3 credits
BUS 133, Teams and Relationships in Hospitality, 3 credits
BUS 153, Accommodations and Lodging, 3 credits

Total Semester Minimum Hours 9

Second Semester

BUS 233, Food & Beverage Industry, 3 credits
BUS 243, Hospitality & Tourism Financial Management, 3 credits
CAR 201, Career Success, 1 credit

Total Semester Minimum Hours 7

Total Hospitality and Tourism Management Certificate Minimum Credit Hours 16