Technology Account Management Certificate


Certificate (Federal aid eligible if certificate is combined with Associate of Science degree, Associate of Applied Science degree, or Bachelor of Applied Science degree. Not eligible for federal aid as a stand-alone certificate.)


This certificate is designed for students who want to pursue a career in technology sales, students who want to augment their potential in advertising and marketing, and students in IT fields that understand technology but do not want a career in technology. No matter your motivation, graduates of this program will be able to effectively manage technology accounts, develop and maintain relationships with clients, and communicate complex information to both technical and non-technical audiences. As a technology account manager, you will have the opportunity to introduce innovative products and services to accelerate business growth into cloud computing, digital marketing, business analysis, and much more.

Career Opportunities

Technology Account Managers are invaluable liaisons between businesses and their clients. Their understanding of technology combined with their ability to search for new customers and manage relationships with existing ones makes their role in high demand. Career paths in this area vary and may include:

Account Manager
Account Executive
Sales Manager
Sales Engineer

Learning Outcomes

Upon completion of the certificate, successful graduates will be able to:

  • Demonstrate understanding of key technology sales methodologies to build trust-based relationships with customers, maintain service contract renewals, gain more business in existing accounts, and leverage competitive advantages
  • Evaluate business objectives and requirements in order to develop effective technology strategies and implementation roadmaps
  • Acquire technical knowledge and understanding of best practices in order to guide organizations through the technology adoption and implementation
  • Assess technology needs in order to advocate on business’ behalf
  • Lead regular meetings and business reviews to help projects stay on track towards set milestones, answer questions, and resolve identified issues

Course Requirements

Students are responsible to examine the course description of each course listed below for details about prerequisites, which must be satisfied before registering for the course.

Certificate Core Courses

Course NumberTitleCredits
TAM 120Introduction to Sales

3 credits

TAM 195Digital Technology Sales

3 credits

TAM 275Advanced Sales

3 credits

Total Credit Hours:9

Certificate Elective Courses

Select 2 courses, 6 credits
Course NumberTitleCredits
DM 150Digital Marketing Analytics

3 credits

DM 160Digital Marketing Advertising

3 credits

DM 230Digital Search Marketing

3 credits

DM 240Digital Mobile Marketing

3 credits

IT 125Introduction to Information Technology

3 credits

IT 143Database Design and Analysis

3 credits

IT 160Cloud Computing Essentials

3 credits

IT 235Cloud Server Administration

3 credits

Total Credit Hours:6

Total Credit Hours: 15

Graduation Requirements

• Minimum of 15 total semester credit hours as outlined.
• Grade of C- or higher in all program-specific courses.
• Certificate grade point average of 2.0 or higher.

Recommended Sequence of Courses

Individual student circumstances, such as the need for a smaller course load or the number of preparatory English or Math courses a student must take, may require additional semesters to complete the program. Please see your academic advisor for assistance.

First Semester

TAM 120, Introduction to Sales, 3 credits
TAM 195, Digital Technology Sales, 3 credits
Elective, Choose one from list, 3 credits

Total Semester Minimum Hours 9

Second Semester

TAM 275, Advanced Sales, 3 credits
Elective, Choose one from list, 3 credits

Total Semester Minimum Hours 6

Total Technology Account Management Certificate Minimum Credit Hours 15