Information Technology - Associate of Applied Science


Associate of Applied Science (AAS)


A degree in Information Technology prepares students to work in an entry-level position in any IT department, or technical support function.  Students learn the basics of Windows and Linux technology as well as SQL Database administration, cloud infrastructure, and Windows Server Active Directory with a focus on account management and proper access control design. There is also a heavy focus on virtualization and cybersecurity.  Upon completion, students will have had the opportunity to earn several IT industry certifications that can be added to student resumes and will be able to demonstrate practical hands-on configuration and virtual infrastructure experience.

Career Opportunities

Career opportunities for a student with an IT degree are common.  Common entry-level positions include Help Desk or Technical Support roles which are often used as preparatory experiences prior to transferring into a back-office role in a corporate IT department.

Learning Outcomes

Upon completion of the degree, successful graduates will be able to:

Design and configure a simple network.
Create a very simple program using current software development technologies
Demonstrate how to setup and configure Window Servers and Desktops
Install and configure a Linux machine
Demonstrate how setup and configure a Windows Domain Controller and implement Active Directory
Create a simple script to automate common IT functions.

Course Requirements

Students are responsible to examine the course description of each course listed below for details of prerequisites, which must be satisfied before registering for the course.


Religion Cornerstone Courses

Students must complete two of the following courses
Course NumberTitleCredits
REL 200The Eternal Family (Cornerstone)

2 credits

REL 225Foundations of the Restoration (Cornerstone)

2 credits

REL 250Jesus Christ & His Everlasting Gospel (Cornerstone)

2 credits

REL 275Teachings & Doctrine of The Book of Mormon (Cornerstone)

2 credits

Total Credit Hours:4

Religion Electives

Students must complete two additional religion courses
Course NumberTitleCredits
Total Credit Hours:4

Total Credit Hours: 8

College and Career Success


Complete both of the following
Course NumberTitleCredits
CAR 101College Success

1 credit

BAP 115Excel and Introduction to Technology

1 credit

Total Credit Hours:2



Course NumberTitleCredits
CAR 299RInternship

1-3 credits: This course can be taken a maximum of 2 times with a cap of 4 total credits.

Total Credit Hours:1-3

College Fundamentals

Course NumberTitleCredits
COMM 122Interpersonal Communications

3 credits

ENG 101Introduction to College Writing

3 credits

MAT 107Quantitative Analysis and Personal Finance

3 credits

Total Credit Hours:9
*Math courses higher than 107 will also meet the college fundamentals math requirement

Certificate 1: Technical Support Engineer Certificate

Course NumberTitleCredits
CAR 201Career Success

1 credit

CS 105Introduction to Programming

3 credits

IT 102PC Hardware Technician

3 credits

IT 125Introduction to Information Technology

3 credits

IT 235Cloud Server Administration

3 credits

IT 255Networking Fundamentals

3 credits

Total Credit Hours:16

IT Fundamentals Courses


Course NumberTitleCredits
IT 143Database Design and Analysis

3 credits

IT 160Cloud Computing Essentials

3 credits

IT 210Linux Fundamentals

3 credits

IT 280Python Programming

3 credits

IT 312Cybersecurity Foundations

3 credits

Total Credit Hours:15


Students must complete 8-9 additional elective credits to earn the minimum 60 credits required for the degree. These credits may include Pathway Connect or other transfer credits. 

For students who do not already have other elective credits, we recommend choosing 9 credits from the following courses:

HIST 175 History of Technology in the United States

ENG 301 Technical Writing

IT 320 Cybersecurity Risk Analysis & Policy

IT 330 Azure Technologies

Total Credit Hours: 8-9

Total Credit Hours: 60


  1. Minimum of 60 total semester credit hours as outlined 

  2. Grade of C- or higher in all program-specific courses

  3. See catalog for the Institute of Religion required courses

  4. CAR 499R may be used as an equivalent--speak with an advisor to know which is the best option for you



Recommended Sequence of Courses

Individual student circumstances, such as the need for a smaller course load or the number of preparatory English or Math courses a student must take, may require additional semesters to complete the program. Please see your academic advisor for assistance.


First Semester

BAP 115 Excel and Technology in Business, 1 credit

CAR 101 College Success, 1 credit

CS 105 Introduction to Computer Programming, 3 credits

ENG 101 Introduction to College Writing, 3 Credits

IT 102 PC Hardware Technician, 3 Credits

**REL See Religion requirements, 2 Credits


Total Minimum Semester Hours 13


Second Semester

COMM 122 Interpersonal Communications, 3 Credits

IT 125 Introduction to Information Technology, 3 Credits

IT 160 Essentials of Cloud Computing, 3 Credits

IT 255 Networking Fundamentals, 3 Credits

**REL See Religion requirements, 2 Credits


Total Minimum Semester Hours 14


Third Semester

IT 143 Database Design and Analysis, 3 Credits   

IT 235 Windows Server Fundamentals, 3 Credits

IT 280 Python Programming, 3 Credits   

MAT MAT 110 or higher, 3 Credits

**REL    See Religion requirements, 2 Credits


 Total Minimum Semester Hours 14


Fourth Semester

CAR 201 Career Success, 1 Credit

IT 210 Linux Fundamentals, 3 Credits

IT 312 Cybersecurity Fundamentals, Credits 3

Elective Speak with an advisor, 3 Credits

**REL    See Religion requirements, 2 Credits


Total Minimum Semester Hours 12


Fifth Semester

CAR 299R IT Internship, 1-3 Credit

Elective Speak with an advisor, 3 Credits

Elective Speak with an advisor, 3 Credits               


Total Minimum Semester Hours 7-9


Total Minimum Credit Hours for Program 60