Withdrawal from Courses

Withdrawals exist to allow students time to determine if a class fits their ability and goals.  Students are expected to take responsibility to ensure that their schedules are correct and to attend all courses for which they are registered until they officially withdraw from those courses.  The following policies apply:

  • Students must drop from their schedules the courses which they do not plan to attend.  Dropped courses will not appear on student transcripts if they are dropped by the Drop Deadlines listed on the Academic Calendar.
  • After the time period designated above, students who officially withdraw from a course receive a W (official withdrawal) on their permanent record.  The withdrawal (W) is not used in calculating GPA.  Official withdrawal may occur through the date announced on the Academic Calendar.
  • Under no circumstances is dropping a course after the official withdrawal period permitted for purposes of avoiding an unsatisfactory grade.  After the end of the official withdrawal period, a W will only be authorized for critical circumstances which are beyond the student’s control and prevent them from completing courses for which they are registered.  In such cases, circumstances must be documented and presented in a petition to the Registrar’s Office.  In cases of serious illness or injury, family members may petition for student withdrawal.
  • Students who never attended class or who stop attending class but do not officially withdraw by the withdrawal deadline will receive an Unofficial Withdrawal (UW).  The UW is calculated in the GPA as a failing grade (E).