Test, Prior Learning, and Transfer Credit

Academic Credit for Prior Learning (ACPL) refers to a process used by post-secondary institutions to award academic credit for a student's knowledge and expertise acquired through life and professional experience, as long as the student's knowledge and skills are determined to be equivalent to college-level learning. 

Students can be considered for ACPL for prior missionary service or foreign language proficiency (see below).

Not all courses at Ensign College are designated appropriate for ACPL. Each department determines the evaluation method required for students to demonstrate proficiency in the course content. Refer to individual programs for ACPL requirements.

The following restrictions apply to awarding ACPL credits:

  • There is no assurance that any ACPL credit will be granted.

  • ACPL credits cannot duplicate credits that have already been awarded.

  • ACPL credits do not count towards the minimum graduation requirement of 25% of degree  credits that must be taken at Ensign College. 

  • ACPL courses receive a “CR” (credit) on the transcript and will not affect the GPA. 


Academic credit for prior learning can be awarded through one of the following options: 

Missionary Service

Returned missionaries will qualify if they have served at least 9 months and received an honorable release. Currently, enrolled students who participated in any form of missionary service for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints can complete an assessment on leadership, service, and college-wide capabilities to earn Ensign College credits for prior learning.

Foreign Language

The Foreign Language Achievement Testing Services (FLATS), administered through BYU or the CES English Language Assessment administered at Ensign College, provides you the opportunity to receive 12 semester hours of university credit by examination. Please see FLATS website for additional information.

Students may earn a maximum of 75% of the credit required for a credential from Ensign College by transfer credit and credit by examination.  Test credit includes Advanced Placement (AP), International Baccalaureate (IB), College Level Examination Program (CLEP), BYU Foreign Language Achievement Testing Services (FLATS) exam (53 languages) or the CES English Language Assessment, course challenge examinations, and industry certifications.  All scores must be on official transcripts.