Graduation Requirements

Meet all program requirements.
  • For degrees (AS, AAS, BAS), have a cumulative Grade Point Average (GPA) of 2.0 or higher. Certificates require a 2.0 certificate GPA.
  • Earn at least 25 percent of required credits directly from Ensign College.  Test credits are not included in this 25 percent.
  • Have a current ecclesiastical endorsement.
  • Have all financial accounts with the College current.
  • Apply and be approved for graduation.
  • Complete the Exit Survey.

Institute requirements.

  • Certificate programs with 26-29 credits will require two credits of religion.
  • Certificate programs with 30 or more credits will 4 credits of religion.

In addition to specific degree requirements, students must also meet the graduation requirements listed below:

  • Minimum Grade: A grade of C- or higher is required for all courses in every certificate, associate, and bachelor's degree. However, when not specifically required by a program, the following course requirements can be met by a D- or higher: General Education, college fundamentals, elective courses, and College and Career Success courses. A specific grade may be required as a prerequisite and programs may have additional minimum grade requirements. To satisfy general elective requirements, students must earn a minimum grade of D-. A passing grade (P) in a Pass/Fail course will satisfy the applicable program requirement.
  • Graduation Catalog: A student is responsible for the program requirements listed in the Ensign College Catalog from the year of first enrollment to the year of graduation.  Students are subject to all other policies, requirements, and procedures as outlined in the College catalog for the current academic year.
  • Academic Standing: Students who are academically suspended or academically dismissed may not graduate from Ensign College.
  • Good Honor Code Standing:  Students must be in Good Honor Code Standing in order to graduate from Ensign College.  Former students wishing to graduate from Ensign College, but whose ecclesiastical endorsement has expired, will need to submit a current endorsement before their application for graduation will be processed.
  • Students admitted as campus students must earn a minimum of 15 credits on campus (not online) at Ensign College or transfer 15 or more credits earned on campus at another CES School (BYU, BYU-Hawaii, or BYU-Idaho). Students admitted as online students must successfully complete PathwayConnect or complete GE 103 as a direct admit online student.

Application for Graduation

  • All students must be in good Honor Code standing in order to graduate from Ensign College.  Former students wishing to graduate from Ensign College, but whose ecclesiastical endorsement has expired, will need to submit a current endorsement before their application for graduation will be processed.  If a CES hold exists on the student's record, then any request for graduation will not be processed until the hold has been released.
  • Current students apply for graduation online via the MyEnsign student portal.  Former students may request assistance in applying for graduation by emailing For specific deadlines, students should refer to the Academic Calendar.  Students should apply to graduate in the semester they complete their program.
  • Graduates’ names will be included in the commencement program after the semester they graduate, not the commencement in which they march, if different.  Official graduation is subject to a degree audit following the last semester of enrollment.  Enrollment Services will notify students of any graduation deficiencies via official communication methods.  Students who do not satisfy all graduation requirements in the semester for which they applied must reapply to be considered for graduation in a subsequent semester.

Graduation applications open the first day of registration for the specific semester.

Name on the Diploma

The Ensign College diploma is a legal representation that the student earned the degree and/or certificate.  In which case, the institution uses the student’s legal name printed on the diploma (effective for graduates fall semester 2018).

Diploma Reprint/Reissue Policy

In the event a duplicate copy of a diploma is required due to change of name, lost, stolen, or a duplicate, a request for a replacement may be initiated with our Registrar’s office (online form). The cost for a replacement is $10.00.  The new diploma issued will bear the names of the current officials in office at the time the replacement diploma is produced.  Inquiries regarding records prior to 1987 will require additional time for research as these records are maintained on microfilm.

Attendance at Commencement

Ensign College Commencement is held annually in April.  Students who have completed their program requirements the prior July, December and that April, or next July are invited and may apply to participate in Commencement.

Graduation Application

Invited to participate in Commencement

Spring 2023

April 2023 or April 2024

Fall 2023

April 2024

Winter 2024

April 2024

Spring 2024

April 2024 or April 2025

Fall 2024

April 2025

Graduates and their families and friends may attend formal Commencement exercises.  All graduates, including those who complete their courses of study before Winter Semester, are encouraged to attend.  Students who do not attend Commencement may claim a diploma cover from Enrollment Services before leaving campus.

Diplomas will be mailed to graduates only after all requirements have been completed and verified, six-to-eight weeks after final grades are posted.

Commencement exercises at Ensign College are unique. The College holds Commencement in the Tabernacle located on Temple Square.  The historic, sacred location invites the ministry of the Spirit by event proceedings and the conduct of everyone participating in Commencement.  To assist in this invitation and show respect for everyone present, graduates participating in Commencement are required to observe the dress and grooming standards of Sunday worship services and the College Honor Code.

Additionally — so as not to draw attention to any individual — flowers, leis and other embellishments, including decorating your cap, are not appropriate in the Commencement ceremony.

Change in Graduation Requirements

The College reserves the right to change the requirements for graduation at any time.  Students are responsible to know the current program requirements for graduation.  Students are encouraged to counsel with their assigned Student Success Advisor each semester.

Graduation Honors 

Honors is based on the cumulative GPA after grades post for the graduation semester.  No adjustments will be made for grades posted or changed following the graduation semester.  To be eligible, the application must be submitted before the published Final Graduation Application Deadline of the student’s graduation semester.

Students with a 3.70 cumulative GPA or higher will graduate with honors (3.69 GPA does not round up).  Honors are based on GPA at the end of the semester prior to the graduation ceremony.  Honor students will be recognized by their wearing a gold honors cord during graduation commencement.

Financial Holds

Candidates with outstanding debts to Ensign College, for any reason, will not receive diplomas or official transcripts until all amounts are paid in full.

Standards Holds

Candidates who are not in good Honor Code standing will not receive diplomas until they have completed the requirements outlined by the office they are working with.  Students with a standard’s hold may not participate in commencement.

Exit Survey

In the interest of documenting post-graduation rates of employment, all students are required to complete a brief exit survey, available online, approximately one month before their anticipated graduation. The survey link is included on the Academic Requirements report in MyEnsign.