Aerospace Studies

Air Force ROTC (Four Semesters) Career Opportunities

Aerospace Studies (Air Force ROTC) trains individuals interested in becoming officers in the United States Air Force. The first two years offer academic preparation in interdisciplinary areas, including communication skills, Air Force history, leadership and management principles and practices, decision making theory and policy formulation, ethics and valuing. Excellent scholarship opportunities are available.


Ensign College has an agreement with the University of Utah that allows a student interested in participating in the Air Force ROTC (AFROTC) program, to register for the first two years of AFROTC at Ensign College and attend classes at the University of Utah. Credits earned will be posted as elective credits on the student’s Ensign College transcript. Upon completing studies at the College, credits earned will transfer to any college or university that offers Air Force ROTC. This provides matriculated students an opportunity to earn commissions as officers in the U.S. Air Force in conjunction with completing bachelor’s or higher degree requirements in academic fields of the student’s choice. AFROTC provides education that develops abilities and attitudes vital to the career of a professional Air Force officer and gives an understanding of the mission and the global responsibilities of the U.S. Air Force.

General Areas of Competence

The Department of Aerospace Studies at the University of Utah offers academic preparation in interdisciplinary areas including communication skills, Air Force history, leadership and management principles and practices, decision-making theory and policy formulation, ethics and values, socialization process within the armed services, national and international relations, national defense structure, national security policy, and military law. Entry into the General Military Course (GMC) during the first two years of AFROTC is open to all students. Entry into the Professional Officer Course (POC) during the final two years is selective and is normally initiated during the student’s sophomore year.

Program Preparatory Courses and Departmental Requirements

The semesters in which courses are taught are listed below and in the course descriptions. Students should check the semester class schedule for day availability (no evening classes) and modifications due to varying enrollment.
Enrollment is open to men and women who:

  • Are U.S. citizens or applicants for naturalization (aliens may participate in the general military course for academic credit only)
  • Are at least 14 years of age and
  • Are enrolled as full-time students in a course of study leading to an academic degree