Program Extensions

Program extensions will be carefully examined. Extensions will be granted only to those international students who will need extra time to finish their program due to a change in major or other extenuating circumstances. Students are strongly encouraged to meet with their academic advisor in the Student Success Center on the 9th floor each semester to ensure they are on track to complete all the program requirements in a timely manner. Students who have not made satisfactory academic progress are not eligible for an extension. If a student has to extend their I-20 for more than one semester, the student is required to supply new and current financial documents. The student will need a new Affidavit of Support from their sponsor along with a new bank statement from the sponsor with at least $13,000 in the account. An I-20 extension will only be allowed once and can only be extended for one year. A detailed graduation plan will have to be submitted with the I-20 Extension Request Form. The student’s full-time academic adviser must sign the I-20 Program Extension form before it is brought to the ISO for review. The ISO will approve or deny the extension.