When a student requires their attendance to be deferred for a specific and designated time to serve a mission or is called on military duty, the student will need to submit our admission deferment form indicating the semester they will return.

All students returning from deferment will update their admissions application, submit a new Ecclesiastical Endorsement, and will be notified by admissions regarding the return from deferment.

If a student returns from deferment earlier than stated on their deferment form, they will need to contact the Admissions Office to update the expected return date.

Ensign College will readmit students following voluntary and involuntary service in the Armed Forces of the United States, including service in the National Guard or Reserve, in compliance with applicable federal and state laws. Students seeking readmission after military service must meet all admission requirements, including having a valid ecclesiastical endorsement, at the time of readmission. For more information, please visit our "Veterans" website or call the Admissions Office at 801-524-8145.