Applied Technology - Associate of Applied Science


Associate of Applied Science (AAS)


Ensign College’s partnership with Davis Technical College (DTC) and Ogden-Weber Technical College (OWTC)* gives students a wide range of additional career options. Combining any approved program below with some of our core business offerings will help to kick-start student’s career. This program allows students to combine accounting, business, marketing, management, social media, technology, and entrepreneurial skills with technical training to give students a significant advantage as students build a personal career or build a profitable business. Students can receive up to 30 Ensign College credit hours for a technical college certificate. Students only need 65 credit hours to graduate with an AAS Degree in Applied Technology.

Career Opportunities

The Applied Technology Degree (which includes the technical college Certificate), provides the student with many career opportunities. All of the available resources at Ensign College are geared toward helping students find the right employment opportunities.

Course Requirements

Students are responsible to examine the course description of each course listed below for details of prerequisites, which must be satisfied before registering for the course.

Religion Courses

REL, Two cornerstone religion courses (REL 200, REL 225, REL 250, or REL 275), 4 credits
REL, Two additional Religion Courses, 4 credits

Total Religion Courses Minimum Credit Hours 8

Program Required College Courses

BAP 115, Excel and Introduction to Technology, 1 credit
CAR 101, College Success, 1 credit
CAR 201, Career Success, 1 credit
COMM 122, Interpersonal Communications, 3 credits
ENG 101, Introduction to College Writing, 3 credits
MAT 107, Quantitative Analysis and Personal Finance, 3 credits

Total Program College Courses Minimum Credit Hours 12

Program Core Courses

(Choose a minimum of 15 credit hours from the list below.) All students are required to meet with the Applied Technology Program Chair or Academic Advisor before beginning the program. The student will work with the program chair or advisor to select a course sequence that will support the student’s chosen career pathway.

ACC 101, Financial Accounting I, 3 credits
BAP 115, Excel and Introduction to Technology, 1 credit
BUS 101, Survey of Business, 3 credits
BUS 123, Applied Leadership Skills, 1 credit
BUS 124, Applied Presentation Skills, 1 credit
BUS 125, Applied Marketing Skills, 1 credit
BUS 185, Innovation for Competitive Advantage, 3 credits
BUS 202, Organizational Effectiveness, 3 credits
BUS 205, Human Resource Management, 3 credits
BUS 230, Principles of Professional Sales, 3 credits
BUS 250, Persuasive Sales & Presentations, 3 credits
BUS 290, B2B Sales Management, 3 credits
BUS 295, Business Strategy Fundamentals, 3 credits
BUS 301, Principles of Management, 3 credits
BUS 351, Marketing Management, 3 credits
BUS 395, Change Management, 3 credits
DM 105, Introduction to Digital Marketing, 3 credits
DM 120, Digital Marketing Strategy, 3 credits
DM 140, Digital Marketing Web Management, 3 credits
DM 150, Digital Marketing Analytics, 3 credits
DM 160, Digital Marketing Advertising, 3 credits
DM 230, Digital Search Marketing, 3 credits
DM 240, Digital Mobile Marketing, 3 credits
ENTR 150, Entrepreneurship, 3 credits
GSO 125, Intro. to Global Supply Chain & Operations, 3 credits
GSO 126, Purchasing & Supply Management, 3 credits
GSO 223, Quality Management, 3 credits
GSO 225, Global Logistics, 3 credits
IT 102, PC Hardware Technician, 3 credits
IT 125, Introduction to Information Technology, 3 credits

Total Program Core Minimum Credit Hours 15
Total “Approved Program” Credit Hours 30

Total Applied Technology - Associate of Applied Science Degree Minimum Credit Hours, 65

Approved Programs:

Architectural & Engineering Design
Automation and Robotics
Automotive Technology
Business Administrative Services
CNC Machining
Composite Materials Technology
Culinary Arts
Dental Assisting
Diesel/Heavy Duty Technology Digital Media Design
Hair Designer
Master Esthetician
Health Information Technology
Heating and Air Conditioning
Pharmacy Technician
Plastic Injection Molding Technology
Practical Nurse
Software Development
Surgical Technology
Welding Technology

(DTC/OWTC classroom hours transfer in at 37.5 hours per semester credit. A maximum of 30 hours are accepted from a DTC/OWTC completed program. If a DTC/OWTC program does not equal at least 30 semester hours, then additional Program Core Courses are required.

Recommended Sequence of Courses

Students should discuss their individual situation with the Applied Technology Program Chair or Academic Advisor. Depending upon the number of preparatory courses required, additional semesters may be required to complete the program.

Graduation Requirements

1. Minimum of 65 total semester credit hours as outlined
2. Grade of C or higher in all core courses
3. Cumulative grade-point average of 2.0 or higher
4. Complete 2 cornerstone courses, plus 4 additional credits of religion
*For Davis Technical College and Ogden-Weber Technical College offerings, please see the Applied Technology Program Chair.