Criminal Activity

International students involved in criminal activity, put their visa status into jeopardy. The Unites States Judicial System treats U.S. citizens and non-immigrants equally. Therefore, students have the same right to an attorney and to have their rights explained in a case of arrest – Miranda Rights. They are also protected from unlawful search and seizure. Some of these general rights conflict at times with some DHS mandates.

In case of arrest, students should notify the College immediately with the incident and process to hire an attorney.

If the felony is also considered a violation of the Honor Code or other regulations enforced by the College, the Honor Code Office will proceed in accordance with the College procedures and policies. The Manager of the International Student Office will participate in the procedure, if deemed necessary.

If the felony is not considered a violation to the Honor Code, the College will observe the proceedings and make the necessary adjustments to comply with the court mandates.

Please be aware all the rules, processes, and policies are in place to protect our students and to assure a better experience. We ask international students to feel free to contact the ISO of uncertainties, questions, and to seek clarification of procedures and policies they may not understand.